Monday, 25 February 2008

Making an instant Forum play

The following is an overview of how to devise (as a group) a piece of forum theatre from scratch. The idea is then for an audience to explore in different ways how to change a particular oppression.

1. Decide
Oppression you want to change
Central Character - their wants
Oppressors - their wants
Potential Ally (If you want one)
Where is play set?
What is the conflict? (wants)
What is the crisis? (Danger/opportunity)

2. Make Images in groups
Beginning - Introduce characters and themes
Middle - Conflict
End - Crisis

3. Bring images alive through following stages:
Full improvisation
(Allow several minutes for group to explore each phase. This can be teacher led to drive process along)

4. Rehearse (Practise scenes, Possible intervention points, Jockering/Facilitation)

5. Perform

6. Forum the play.

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