Friday, 22 February 2008

This is not a bottle

Group stand in circle. One object is placed in middle (e.g. bottle, coat hanger, piece of material) People take turns to use the object as something else (e.g. bat, phone, baby, toothpick) then return it to centre. When everyone’s had a go introduce a new object.

It is a simple, fun, dramatic exercise. It does not need any language. People enjoy observing/guessing what the object is “made into”. Therefore there are opportunities for recognition of shared experience across the whole group and within the group amongst smaller numbers – therefore helping to build and develop group dynamics. Having a prop stimulates and focuses people’s creativity and extends it.

Uses of sound, bits of language, gromolot (nonsense language), can be added to extend it.
Small scenes can develop where the person with the object makes an offer that calls for someone else to participate (e.g. holding the object as a bat so someone can “throw a ball”. This can be modelled by the workshop leader and others will follow.
Introducing two objects would encourage extending exercise towards small scenes.
Give 3 objects to group of 3-5 people and give them 5 minutes to create a scene.

People can take random goes or if you want to encourage everyone/ensure equal access then make it taking turns around the circle.
You can model non-naturalistic, absurd uses of object to extend range.

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