Wednesday, 5 March 2008


In a group of 2 or 3 create a letter of the alphabet
Think of the clarity for the audience, Spacing and include everyone in the letter
Show your letter to the rest of the group and see if they can guess what it is
Get the rest of the group to stand around the letter and view it from different perspectives
Brainstorm as a group other images, stories, Scenarios that come to mind from observing the shape of the letter and the relationship of the group to one another.

Building on activity
You can add lines/Speech bubbles to the characters in the shape
Get them to say them out loud
Other voices can speak out their "thoughts"
If you want to focus the scenes then choose a topic or theme to locate the shapes in
Try to run a short scene by improvising what happens next.
You can build on this by getting other groups to devise scenes that might go before or after this event.

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