Thursday, 6 March 2008


Stand facing a partner. One is A and the other B
A begins as the hypnotist and B follows A's instructions
A holds hand out in front of themselves as if with a stop gesture.
As A moves hand B must imitate the movement in their body and move accordingly
Try to keep at the same distance from the hand at all times.
A can steer with the right hand and hold the other scrunched up.
If A opens the scrunched hand then B must start to talk until A scrunches it up again.
If A scrunches up both hands then B freezes. A can then move to a position in the room a greater distance away. They then open their right hand again and control B from that distance.
B must try to always be equidistant away.
A can move B around the room to relate to others in the room being controlled.
Swap over the roles of A and B

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