Friday, 14 March 2008

Leading and following

With a partner label yourselves A and B
A has the job of leading B around the room holding their hand
B must keep their eyes closed at all times
(A Take your time to allow B to build up trust and especially be aware of objects and others in the room).
As B gets more confident you can loosen the grip and perhaps just link a finger with them.
Encourage them to move faster and experiment with levels and turning.
Create moments where you completely release their hand so that they are travelling alone.
(But stay close to them so you are able to stop them or guide them should they be heading in a dangerous position).
A swap roles with B

1 Cars
Another method of leading you partner is from behind by simply touching your partner on the left shoulder to turn left, the right shoulder to turn right and in the centre of the back to stop. This means that if you are not touching your partner then they should move forwards. If you touch them twice in the centre of the back then they must move backwards.

2 Voice
Try leading your partner using your voice, either by reciting something or singing a song.
(The partner is now being lead by sound as opposed to touch.)

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