Friday, 21 March 2008

Marionettes with objects

Pick an object to work with
1. Stand in a space alone with your object for 5 minutes.
Really look at it and imagine it is you
What does it smell like?
How does it move?
Is it rough or smooth?
What Colour is it?
Does it make a sound?

2. Explain your object to a partner

3. In your own space try to move as your object might move and manipulate it at the same time.

4. With a partner give you objects to one another. You partner now manipulates your object and you have to react accordingly. Try doing it while having a conversation on the phone.

5. In fours sit with two of you facing each other. Your partner has your object and manipulates it as you have a conversation with the person from the other pair. Their partner is also holding and manipulating their object.

You can help the conversation to focus by giving them a task to accomplish like asking the other out to dinner, borrowing money off them or challenging them about an annoying habit. It is interesting to See how much the Puppeteers are able to influence the conversation.

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