Friday, 21 March 2008

Story Telling with objects

In a group of 5 put objects on the floor in the middle that you may have got from home.
Stand in a circle around the objects and nominate someone to go into the middle to start the story.
Give them an object to start with that they must use in the story.
As they are telling the story anyone can take the object off them and give to them another object to continue the story about.
This can be done again at any time by anyone. To make it even harder 2 or even 3 objects can be given to them at a time and they have to try and incorporate them into the story.
Allow every one in the group to have ago.

Variation 1
This could be done with 2 people in the middle who are having a conversation either on the phone or face to face with one another. As objects are given to one person or the other they have to find ways to bring them into the conversation in a natural way

Variation 2
This could be done with two people back to back and each is given 4 items. The idea is to be the first person to include all their items in the conversation in a natural way. To make it even more challenging you can vary it again by saying you have to get the other person to say all your items.

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