Wednesday, 28 May 2008

The Odd Number

The group walk around the room.
The facilitator shouts out 1. Everybody has to hold a shape/Position.
If 1 is shouted out again instruct everybody that they are to return to that exact part of the room and hold the same shape.
People walk around the room and shout 2. They must now found another pose/shape.
Instruct them if 2 is shout they must return to that same place and pose.
As you add numbers 3, 4. 5 stipulate that they must form a shape in 3’s or 5’s. (Choosing an odd number means someone will be left out.)
As a leader be aware of the group shape this can create, where some one is isolated from the rest.
If you get a particularly good design call out that number and draw the group’s attention to it. Generally be aware of the design the different numbers throw up and see if you can pull a narrative out of it
Ask the group what they think might be happening. Who are the group? Why is the person separated?

This can be progressed by splitting up the room into groups that have been created and giving each group the task of creating a short drama on their scenario which they have decided on from the shape that has been created.

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