Wednesday, 28 May 2008

You're the Man

Walk around the room in any direction at an even pace.
Explain that as they catch eye contact with others they say, “You’re the Man!” the other person says back “No! You’re the man” then they walk on.
Then explain that on the command “Show me the love” everybody is to go into a huddle, except the last person who is pushed out and must stand on their own. (The facilitator may need to judge this - A variation on this is to call out someone’s name.)
The group then whisper to each other and talk about the person on their own.
Observe how they react.
The facilitator then shouts again “walk” and everybody goes back to walking around the room.
Repeat this a few times and then bring the group together to have a discussion about how people felt being separated from the group and how people felt being part of the group.

You could develop a scenario pretending to be a teacher arriving on the scene and ask the group “What is going on here?” Force someone to respond and then ask “Why?” and so on to build up a mini scene.

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