Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Working with Text through Physical movement

Walk around space as a group trying not to bump into anyone and changing direction.
Place a selection of texts/plays in the middle of the room and ask the group to look at them and pick a short line from one of them.
Walk around space again repeating line to yourself
As you pass people tell your line to someone, then listen to theirs
Say your line out loud one after another
Try to picture a gesture that represents your line
Start to think of a character who would say your line. Physicalize the character so it affects your walk.
Move from level one to eight and try to find the right level for your character
Get into a circle and one after another take turns to go into the middle and say your line with your gesture.
As a group decide on which gestures should be paired together, either because they are similar or they make a nice contrast.

Create a short Performance
With your partner find a way to say your lines.
Think of shape position, levels, order.
It may be abstract or have a narrative.
Do not use any other words and only use your line.

Get into a group of 4 and do the same.
Add other words to create a narrative
Say each others lines
Do movement without words

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