Thursday, 3 July 2008

Out of the chair

Someone from the group sits in a chair which is placed in the middle of the room.
The group's aim is to convince the person sitting on the chair to get out of it.
The person in the chair must accept whatever is suggested to them and is not allowed to dismiss their offer.
For Example:
Someone may say "There is a bomb under your seat." The person in the chair could reply: "Yes I know, my life is too much for me I want to end it all now."
They are not allowed to block the offer by saying "No there isn't"
The person who successfully ousters someone from the chair then goes and sits in the chair and the game continues.

You can send more then one person in
You can create a scenario using a number of people, rather than just having one chair.
Scenarios, images that work particularly well could be used to progress the improvisation into a scene or produce a story.

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