Friday, 18 July 2008

Touch Tag Drama

Pick two people from the group to play the tag game
label them A and B
Both A and B put their hand on their back so their palm is facing outwards.
The aim is to tag the others palm with their other hand.
At any point a mediator can call out freeze.
The mediator asks the group: Who are they? What is going on?
The group answer according to what they see. Encourage them to speak out whatever comes into their head. - A night club scene, A lover looking on at a wedding etc

Nb Theatre is made up of wants and desires, I want what you want or I want something different. That is the aim of this game.

With the rest of the group build a picture around the two in the middle. i.e show disapproving uncle at the wedding, What are they saying? etc
With other members of the group create a scene of what happened before. i.e In the bedroom. What is in the room? What happened? or even after this wedding scene.
Illicit questions from the group to create even more scenes and design a piece of theatre.

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