Thursday, 3 July 2008

Voice warm up 1

Breathe in and on the out breath roll down slowly from head until your hands are dangling by your toes. (Do this with a slightly bent back) and you are fully exhaled
Breathe in and roll up, straightening your legs first and then each vertebrae of your back.
Repeat above exercise but this time add arms. As you beathe in lift your arms above your head and on the exhale drop down quickly (but don't neglect to roll and with slightly bent legs)
Then on inhaling roll your body back up to standing straight

Head isolation's: Rotate head left and right slowly through centre. When head is rotated bring head down and up slowly.

With a partner label yourselves A and B
B stands behind A and gently places their hands on A's rib cage.
A inhales and exhales gently.
You are encouraging A to breathe using their intercostal muscles, which should cause sideways lateral expansion of the rib cage, so pushing B's hand out.
B can place their thumbs on A's spine to encourage the back part of the rib cage to also be filled with air and to ensure that their is more sideways motion that backward
Change over roles.

Stand with your back against a wall with knees slightly bent.
Breathe in and out pushing back of rib cage into wall
Again you should notice that sideways motion is more than backward.
Place back of hands on rib cage to assess sideways movement.

Open and close mouth with loose jaw and floppy mouth
Open mouth wide as in a yawn to stretch back of mouth
Breathe in and out with open mouth and make an O sound. Repeat then with other vowel sounds, a, e, i, o, u.

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