Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Gesture Name Game

In a circle ask each person to think of a gesture that represents who they are.
Go around the circle one by one with each person saying their name and showing their gesture.
Go round the circle again and each time after someone shares their name and gesture the whole circle must repeat it together.
This time go round the circle with the whole group doing each persons name and gesture. The person who is having their gesture done must stand still and not show them. (The name can be dropped at this stage if you like - Put it in your pocket)

You can play a game where someone must show their gesture and then pass it to someone else by doing theirs as well.
That person then does their own gesture and passes it to someone else and so on.
When someone is unable to do this for whatever reason then they must sit out.
The winner is the last person left in.

Group people together who have similar gestures or even gestures that contrast in an interesting way.
This group must present some kind of movement or drama using each of their gestures.
You could also give the group a well known story/nursery rhyme to act out and each of their gesture must be contained within the story.

Comment: I have used this many times and it is an excellent way to get a group to learn each others names and open up to one another. I tried this with a group of ordinands recently and although the group new each other quite well, individuals revealed things about themselves through their gesture that they had never previously shared.
No matter what the person shows always accept their gesture, although at times you may need to reflect it back to them or accentuate something they show you to make it clearer.

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