Sunday, 25 November 2012

Creating scenes from characters

Here ae 3 easy steps to create a drama from exploring characters

1. Create a character:  (Or you could choose an exisiting charater)
- Write 10 questions to yourself to get an initial idea of who you are? How old are you?, Where do you live? Do you have family? What ius your favoiurite colour?
- Hot seat one another to find out more about eachother and yourself. If you discover more about yourself in this exercise jot it down

2. Write a monologue - More about who you are. What you like/dislike. Tell a memory from your childhood and one from a recent event.

3. Create Scenes: Put the characters together in a scene. Choose a context for where you are ie A parents evening, outside a burning house, at a party. Think also about character traits and each characters history to make links to one another.

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