Tuesday, 27 October 2020

10 Movements of the Chest

 A Mime artist's face is from the base of the neck to the crotch. The chest is his/her eyes, te belly button is the nose and the pelvis is the smile. 

2 Chest Rotations right and left 

4 Chest Inclinations - see below (Fix rib with fingers and lift up & over waist and incline.) If you get a spare tyre appearing aroundthe waist, you are inclining the waist not the chest. and 

4 Chest Translations - see below

As an exercise:

Explore moving the chest through it's different plains and thinking how it makes you feel.

Work with a partner to explore this further and even add a dialogue to your movements

Walk around and put an emotion or motivation on the movement. For example walking with chest (and head) translated forward = Aggressive. Walking with head and neck translated back = reserved.

In a group of 2 to 4 people create a short scene using the chest. Each person could assume a different chest  position and play the character accordingly. Or create a short scene where all 10 chest positions are visible and used. 

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