Friday, 16 October 2020

10 Movements of the Head

As you practice these moves concentrate on performing the technique well (See diagram below)

Start by standing straight in a neutral position. Shoulders relaxed and feet should width apart.

1. Rotation - Rotate (Turn)  head to look left then right

2. Inclination - Tip head to the side, left and right, Tip head forward and back

3. Translation - Head shifts along shoulder left and right, Head moves forward and back like a funky chicken.


a. When you look, think about what you might be looking at? i.e. Why are you looking up, down, right-side etc.

b. Think about any emotions connected to the head movement, i.e. Shock, surprise, interest, 

c. On your own devise a solo using all the head movements.

d. With a partner create a scenario where the head movement is put into a real life situation. i.e. Teacher asks pupils question and pupils head  tilts to the side 


Give out some scenarios to each pair, which they perform using all the head movements.

i.e. Job interview, romantic dinner, boxing match, Tennis game, 

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