Monday, 19 October 2020

Guardian Angel (Physical Leg Twist phrase)

 The Guardian Angel is an exercise that requires leg strength and balance. It is performed slowly and with control. See diagram and instructions below:

Part 1

1. Stand facing forward with legs about 1 meter apart.

2. Pivot front foot. Back foot stays in same position

3. Lift back leg up and point toe

4. Rise up onto toe, with front leg taking weight

5. Bring together and gently lower to floor

6. Take weight on front leg. Feel back with pointed toe.


7. Turn body front & on toes

8. Then gently lower down into starting position


1. On your own Practice the "Guardian Angel" whilst reciting a poem or familiar text like a prayer of nursery rhyme. 

2. Join with a partner or get in a three and perform a peace together using. For movement think of spacing, design, use of canon and Question and answer

3. In your group you might also choose some music.

4. Dramatic Scene: - In a small group create a short scene using the Guardian Angel

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