Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Static Composition and status

Set out in an empty room or space 6 chairs evenly spaced, a table and position a bottle of water somewhere in close proximately to it.
Ask individuals from the group to reposition the objects to create one dominant chair in the picture.
Experiment with placing the bottle in different places

Progression -
Add a person to the picture whose aim is to take the focus
Add another person who tries to take the focus off the first. Ask the rest of the group observing if they think he/she has succeeded in doing this
Add a third person who then tries to take the focus and so on.
Build up a picture which shows lots of different stories. Get the group to observe them and this could be a good stimulus to start a scene.
This exercise could also be done with the aim of taking the lowest status. It is a good exercise to find spatial power and the idea of a relational stage.

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